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Cricket on the beach???

On a beautiful,but hot Sunday Bali Sports Foundation held the first Beach Cricket tournament ever held in Bali on the Mertasari Beach in South Sanur.Beach Cricket a variation of the regular game and indoor cricket.Batting in only one direction,and with a solid wicket to allow the ball to bounce.

Showing how that quintessential English game of cricket is now well developed in the local schools of Bali (and paradoxically not in the international schools),over a 80 young Balinese players joined in this historic day to try and play cricket on sand.

And it worked….

Under Tournament Director Wayan Samuel,the tournament went off without a hitch and was a success.Together with the help of Denpasar Cricket coach I Wayan Suandi and Denpasar Cricket head Mr Yudha beach cricket is certainly here to stay,with plans for an International tournament next year.

Beach Cricket