“Sport Changes Lives”

2nd Bali Beach Games

14 Mar 2015

On the weekend of March 14 and 15 Bali Sports Foundation will hold the 2nd Bali Beach Games at Mertasari Beach in Sanur. The event aims to bring together different sports and encourage residents and visitors alike to participate for some fun and friendly competition and at the same time help support Disabled Athletes of Bali.


Sports to be included are Beach Soccer, Beach Cricket, Sit Beach Volleyball (4 a side), Wheelchair Rugby (4 a side) and Wheelchair Basketball (3 a side). Teams can enter an event or, if you are by yourself and you still want to join in then you can join one of the teams already participating. Beach Cricket and Beach Soccer also include a junior competition for 12 to 17 year olds.

Anyone can also participate in the Sit Beach Volleyball, Wheelchair Rugby and Wheelchair Basketball so come along and pit your skills against some of Bali's disabled athletes.

For those that want more of a 'Physical Challenge' make sure you enter the Bali KUAT (Bali Toughest) competition which will be held on Sunday, March 15. The KUAT is set in the same mode as the Tough Mudder competitions around the world. Participants will need to run, climb, crawl, swing, scramble, swim and wade over a series of obstacles that will test their fitness, endurance, mental capacity and stamina over 10km. This is not a competition for the faint hearted as only the 'toughest' will survive a course designed to work every muscle in your body.....and them some! This competition is not about winning but more about 'Surviving' and is also open to Juniors - between 12 and 16, who will cover a 5km course.

For more information and entry forms please contact Bali Sports Foundation at info@balisports.com or go to our websites and follow the links.