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BSF Indonesia helping Lombok earthquake survivors

22 Aug 2018

BSF in partnership with sponsor Blue Water Express have successfully delivered two boat loads of supplies which were distributed amongst Lombok and the Gili Islands.

The team spent a traumatic but rewarding 3 days delivering food to families in north Lombok impacted by the recent earthquakes. Whole villages have been flattened, there is no running water, very limited food is available and most families are living under tarpaulin in camps with overcrowding and very poor shelter.

We have worked to secure a supply chain for the shipment of food to families and remote village camps using the Yayasan Damai Olahraga Bali facility as a storage hub close to the area of most need.

BSF hopes to then be able to move to the supply of building tools to help facilitate the construction of shelter before the rainy season in October. Our next boat will be travelling across on Saturday with another shipment of supplies.

If anyone would like to donate through a reliable charity organisation please send a private message to either Rodney Holt or Chris Pardey.

Tremors are still being felt and BSF will endeavour to work to help those affected.