“Sport Changes Lives”

Projects: Boccia

Together with assistance from Singapore Boccia with Mr Kenneth Soh,BSF set up a training program with 12 athletes under the umbrella of Bali Sports Foundation (http://www.balisports.com).
Working with the following NGO's and institutions - Hi5 ReHAB,YPK,YCMU,Bangli SLB, & YPAC

BC 1 - 1 athlete
BC 2 - 5 athletes
BC 3 - 1 athlete
BC 4 - 5 athletes

Bali Sports Foundation Boccia coaches have prepared the training schedules in consultation with the NGO's.BSF will provide boccia balls to all NGO's so that they can practice in their own time.

see http://www.bocciaindonesia.com


BSF boccia athletes in action in Singapore