“Sport Changes Lives”

Projects: Paralympic Shooting

Wheelchair Shooting introduced by BSF,first time in Indonesia,let alone Bali.

On Saturday November 22,the BSF Paralympic Shooting Club (BSFPSC) was inaugurated at the Tohpati shooting range.Headed by Berman Simorangkir,BSFPSC was created by Rodney Holt of Bali Sports Foundation ,with the aim of tapping into the potential of disabled shooters.Shooters compete in 10 metre air rifle or pistol,25 and 50 meter rifle.

Focusing on polio,amputee and paraplegic athletes ,the sport of target shooting is proving popular amongst the comunity of people with disabilities,with over 25 active participants.As Club chairman Berman Simorangkir explained "I both amazed and impressed by the passion and enthusiasm of the disabled athletes,we have a number of good prospects,that hopefully can qualify for the Singapore ASEAN Para Games in December 2015."