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BSF has started in cooperation with Oka Sulaksana from East Coast Sailing and Peter Ball from Royal Bali Yacht Club set up the BSF Disabled Sailing Club introducing single and double hand disabled sailing.

Indonesian Olympic sailing legend Oka Sulaksana explaining sailing to a group of disabled sailors

Sailing takes many forms; you can cruise, race or simply potter around in all kinds of boats, on the sea or inland water. It is one of the very few sports in which able-bodied sailors and disabled sailors can participate on equal terms.

The BSF Disabled Sailing Club is responsible for sailing for people with disabilities in Indonesia in conjunction with PORLASI (the Indonesian Sailing Federation). The BSF Disabled Sailing Club promotes all types of sailing for people with all types and degrees of disability. The values of the BSF DSC are equity, opportunity to excel and empowerment for sailors with disabilities.

Bali Sports Foundation is looking to do the following in 2015

In July have the first competition within the Bali ParaGames and select team for Singapore

In August attend the Singapore Disabled Sailing Tournament

The December attend the ASEAN ParaGames December 2015 in Singapore with the 10 nations of ASEAN

Bali style- off the beach without pontoon or hoist into the sailing boats.

Three Disabled Sailors from the BSF Disabled Sailing Program competed in the 2015 Singapore Pre ASEAN Paragames Regatta.The BSF sailing program is supported and assisted by the Royal Bali Yacht Club.

Coaching the team was Indonesian 5 time Olympic sailor Oka Sulaksana.A field of 21 sailors from Indonesia,Philippines,Vietnam,Malaysia and Singapore contested the event.

Singapore Disabled Sports Council further supported BSF's sailing program by donating four second hand Hansa 2.3 skiffs to BSF,which arrived in mid September.With this assistance BSF plans to expand its Disabled Sailing program with its partners RoyalBali Yacht Club 








Bali International Disabled Sailing Regatta

When : September 8-12

Where : Royal Bali Yacht Club,Serengan Island,Bali

Who : Any classified sailor

With : Access/Hansa 2.3's

Boats provided by BSF


Bali Sports Foundation would like to thank 

Singapore Disabled Sports Council,

Blue Water Express and Royal Bali Yacht Club


Bali International Sailing Regatta

Please click the following link to all the information on the regatta